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Ideas That You Can Use

March 2024

The Key to Dealership Success In the complex ecosystem of automotive dealerships, one question stands tall: Is owner retention important to you? If your immediate answer is “YES,” you’re already on the path to understanding the profound impact of owner…

September 2023

Revenue-Boosting Tips With competition in the automotive industry at an all-time high,here are effective strategies to help you enhance revenue generation from your service department. TIP of The Month 1. Revisit Unsold Services.  It’s not uncommon for customers to delay or…

August 2023

How to Recruit Technicians and Bridge the Industry Gap? The shortage of skilled technicians in the auto industry can be a significant challenge for dealerships.

March 2023

Appointment Coordinators can help your dealership improve shop productivity and increase upsells. Transitioning incoming phone calls from Service Advisors to trained Appointment Coordinators will improve scheduling and allow Service Advisors more time for the reception and walk-around presentations.

February 2023

Attracting and retaining top service technicians is a problem facing all automotive dealerships, regardless of brand. According to a survey of 17,500 automotive service technicians: • 13% expect to leave their current dealership within the next 1-2 years • The…

December 2022

The First Step is to Look at Your Financials; you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Compare statement to the same month of the previous year. Look for out-of-line conditions in sales, gross profit, and expenses. Review profit margins on…

November 2022

Take this Simple Test to see if your service department is Dialed-In or Asleep. This test will help you identify any problem areas in your Service Department so you can make changes to close the year strong.

October 2022

The key objectives of a Features & Benefits Presentation are: Build trust Describe Benefits Safety Reliability Convenience Handling Possible results if not addressed By providing customers with the information they need, you will allow them to make an informed buying…

September 2022

The following are some simple, fast, and easily performed checks that can be completed on the service drive: Tire depth and condition Wipers, front and rear Battery condition Bulbs and lights Body damage  All these issues allow the customer to…

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